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Transforming English Communication for Indian

The Inception of Speak Fast Academy in Pune in the year 2017 is an overwhelming story of utmost dedication, perseverance and desire to eradicate the darkness in the field of English communication especially among the native Marathi speakers of Maharashtra.


How It All started

Our Founder- Director Mr. Sudhir Saykar has completed his entire education from Marathi academic background. After graduation, he has completed MBA. While studying MBA, he faced many problems related to English communication. He noticed that students from other states had no problems about English communication whereas the native Marathi speakers / residents lacked confidence, fluency and guidance of English language.

After MBA, Sudhir Sir joined a Bank job. He faced many problems about English communication. At job, he always avoided English communication. This habit to avoid English gave Sudhir Sir a feeling of guilt and he wanted to get rid of this feeling of guilt and English phobia as well.

Job Challenges to Educational Empowerment: Sudhir Sir's Journey

With an intention to get expertise in English, Sudhir Sir left his job. He started studying and practicing English along with preparation for government exams.

After extensive study and research, he developed a unique method of studying and teaching spoken English to native Marathi speakers. He developed this unique method on his own as Sudhir Sir, himself had evolved from extreme lows. This method is simple yet effective enough to transform the vocal skills of students.

Sudhir Sir then worked as a Spoken English trainer in a spoken English classes for one and a half years in Pune. With that view, Sudhir Sir started his first branch in the rural part of Pune in Manchar, in March 2017.

Expansion and Success

After the amazing response and success to his methodologies in Manchar, Sudhir Sir stepped into Pune and started a branch at Paud Road, Kothrud in November 2017.

At present, Speak Fast Academy is a premier institute in Pune imparting English Language training. Speak Fast constantly receives inquiries about IELTS and TOEFL training. Speak Fast Academy will soon initiate IELTS / TOEFL training, Speak Fast academy is now expanded to three branches along with 8 trainers and branch heads across Pune.

Speak Fast recently have entered in Corporate Training in Pune and has successfully completed the challenge.

Our Director, Sudhir Sir, has a wide view to train the students of Maharashtra and develop expertise in English communication.

He strongly feels that native Maharashtrian people do not lack in terms of knowledge in any circumstances. All they need is proper guidance to impart their knowledge in appropriate language.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Speaking English is your super power

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