Use of English in Social Media

Social media starts right from Web sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. it boils down to many little sub divisions like blogs, social media platforms, facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram, texting , calling sites, etc.

The internet has transformed the way we see our planet .Its made the world come closer wherever you are. The food we eat, we holiday, selfies, occasions and festivals are everywhere for the world to see.
The significant shift from a physical based interaction to a written form of communication based on technology has increased the importance of English.

WhatsApp, twitter, dating sites all have a lot of texting in common, therefore it is but obvious we need to communicate flawlessly to exchange our thoughts and ideas. The speed of communication is instant and we have to bridge the gap between our thoughts and letters seamlessly.

Newer words are created on the internet every day. Even though we see a sharp deterioration in the course of communication. The common way to ‘lazy write’ these days are BTW (by the way), TTYL (talk to you later) c u (see you), LOL (Laugh out loud) are acronyms or monosyllables used to convey and it side tracks the traditional norms of English.

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Language seems to ever evolve, ever since the time books were the only source of entertainment in the early centuries. Language effects communication. It’s the proper use of language that demands etiquette, poise and flair that make us compatible on Social media. Most times a misconstruction of a sentence or statement may bring disharmony or create a strong sense of unity either way Social media is a Powerful and Complex Medium to our society today.

You tube, movies streaming on Netflix, music today all have subtitles in English. The lip syncs with the subtitles can be read to improve English.

Communities are a great way of interacting and communicating with likeminded people. There is a constant exchange of ideas and resources. You can also create a page of your own. Sharing important tips and articles that benefit everyone can help in bettering your English.

Connecting with individuals from other countries who are native to English too can help you improve your diction and grammar. We however come across a lot of grammar slangs each country has a different slang codice. Posting your thoughts on Facebook, or your status on Instagram or captioning your snapchat pictures and videos are ways to help improve your skills in learning the language.

The new Geek Speak on social media does help, intent and passion to learn the language to expose yourself to these platforms can create a massive upward curvature in your language graph.

Nowadays social media has a new branch. Here we are talking about education and the way it has made its mark through Learning and sharing, it also helps in collaborating concise information and delivering the deal. Learning English as a language has maximum exposure on social media platforms. It not only helps students learn but also teachers in improving what they already know.

The access to Social Media is limitless the more you are passionate about learning the extra mile you go. A magical session in learning the language nor a grammatical wand can metamorphose you to a genius, at the end of the day it’s your sheer ‘will’ that works alongside hard work .The world is at your fingertips on social media.

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